5 Ways the Dental Industry Will Change in 2018

The dental industry is always changing and evolving, allowing for greater opportunity, growing competition, and more reason to be in-tune with the trends. Here are five ways the dental industry will change in 2018:

Online. Online. Online.

The Internet has changed the game in every industry, both for the consumer and the business. More than ever, consumers are scouring the Internet for information, education, and reviews before making a decision, especially in healthcare. This trend is only expected to rise, making it vital that your website is mobile-friendly, that you have plenty of positive online reviews, and that all of your online listings are accurate.

The Patient Experience Takes Precedent

It is imperative to ensure your patients have a timely, comfortable, and personable visit at your practice each and every time. Advanced technology, a modern office environment, and a welcoming atmosphere all add to the patient experience. Take it a step further by making each patient feel like your only patient; connect with them on a personal level and practice empathic listening.

Agile Financial Solutions

There is a significant lack of education among the general public about how dental benefits and insurance works. And with healthcare policies in flux, this will likely be an issue in 2018. Avoid the confusion and offer a variety of financial solutions, whether it be flexible payment options, in-house loyalty programs, or CareCredit.

The Rise of Group Practices

The number of single-doctor, single-location practices is shrinking, and will continue to do so. Much of this has to do with corporate dental, student loan debts, and the rising cost of opening a practice. By working in a group practice, you are entering into an already established patient base that likely has more capital to spend on things like marketing, coaching, consulting, etc.

Gender Shift

Historically, dentistry has been a male-dominated industry. The trends show that dental students as they enter school are essentially 50% male and 50% female, with a huge spike in young practicing doctors being female. As the older generation retires, the gender gap will continue to decrease.


Stay on top of the trends taking place in the dental industry to ensure your practice will stay ahead of the curve and continue to attract new patients.