• As we enter 2023, we have decided to highlight the top five most-read Big Buzz blogs of last year. This content largely centered around improving results for senior living operators by aligning internal teams and creating more meaningful relationships with prospects through branding and outreach.

  • All marketing efforts must bring an organization closer to its goal, and few initiatives do so more efficiently than content marketing. One of the many advantages of content marketing is its versatility in supporting senior care organizations to exceed revenue goals by bolstering marketing efforts across the board in one fell swoop.

  • At Big Buzz, we are strong proponents of having a sound referral strategy and always recommend it to our clients. Year after year we see it pay off with higher move-in numbers and minimal spend compared to other marketing efforts. It is also easier than many might think, even for those who may initially feel reluctant to ask residents and families. Big Buzz has trained countless senior living organizations on how to develop a referral strategy that quickly became second nature to their entire team and kept numbers humming in a way that felt both simple and natural. Read on to learn more about how to implement or improve your own referral strategy and grow your occupancy numbers.

  • A solid marketing plan should contain everything you need to achieve and even exceed your organizational goals. The priorities for your plan are that it is actionable, understandable and concise.

  • How do you know you are not overspending on the wrong marketing communications and leaving money on the table with unrealized ROI? How can you be certain there are not any gaps in marketing budget allocation that might only be revealed once you have failed to meet your annual revenue goal?

  • There are many common misconceptions about marketing plans that can lead organizations to critical missteps that ultimately harm their bottom lines. Here are some of the common misconceptions about marketing plans and why they are false.

  • By lightening the load of your sales and marketing teams, your organization will have more bandwidth to build sales relationships and the tools it needs to make them more fruitful. So, how should your organization go about finding the CRM that will best help your team, and thus your prospects, thrive?

  • Too often, we fall prey to over-reporting marketing metrics and under-reporting marketing success. While the marketing team is privy to deep analytics, investors, owners and executives typically only need to know 5 metrics.

  • In today’s marketing landscape, social media marketing is all but a necessity. The ethics and societal impact of these tech giants have become quite controversial. However, their increasingly vital role in marketing success is undeniable.

  • Facebook has made waves in 2021 with the announcement of its new name: Meta. The new moniker will not replace that of the ubiquitous social media platform of the same name, however. It will only affect the company formerly known as Facebook at a corporate level.

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