How long will it take to see results?

By April 13, 2016Blog

Ah, the age-old marketing question! Everyone wants to know how long before patients come streaming in the door. Here’s a simple visual to show the answer by marketing tactic, based on nine years of dental marketing experience and collaboration with other marketing professionals serving the dental community.

Marketing Tactic Number of Days before This Tactic Attracts New Patients
Promoting openings in the schedule 1 day
Asking patients for referrals as they check out 1 day
Google AdWords 1 day
Yelp advertising 1 day
Boosting a “Now Accepting New Patients” post on Facebook 1 day
Facebook advertising 1 day
Direct mail (time to develop and send) 28 days
Radio advertisement (time to record and air) 21 days
Television advertisement (time to record and air) 21 days
Brand new website (time to develop) 60 days
Search engine optimization 90 days
Marketing for implants and other high-dollar treatments 90 days
Print advertising 90 days

This is not to say that you should run only those tactics that take just one day to attract new patients. By contrast, it’s best to run only those tactics to which your best patients and their peers will pay attention. To uncover which those are, survey your best patients.

Overall, the right marketing mix has the power to consistently get you to your goals in 15 to 90 days. And it’s the right marketing mix that matters most.